Materials for use in organic light emitting diodes and polymeric light emitting diodes. We offer light emitting homopolymers, copolymers, metal complex, hole transport materials, and more.

Organic solar cells promise more affordable and versatile solar energy. ADS offers a variety of high quality materials, such as thiophene polymers and fullerenes, for use in organic solar cells.

From energy storage, conductive plastics, thermal materials, to super-strong fibers, and biomedical applications, ADS offers pure and chemically modified fullerenes.

ADS offers laser and NIR dyes for uses in security devices, print- ing plates, and many other applications. These products are avaiable from gram quantities for kilogram bulk quantities.

A variety of thiophene derivatives and near infrared absorption metal complex dyes are now available, in milligram to kilogram quantities, for use in organic thin-film transistors.

With state-of-the-art research and development facilities, intellectual property and know-how, we are pioneers in CTP plates and related materials with a focus on creating greener solutions for today's printing needs.

ADS also offers a wide range of organic intermediates. Can't find the compound you are interested in? Please contact us for more information regarding services and custom synthesis that we provide.

Polyaniline based conductive polymers have many potential applications, including uses in the fabrication of electronic devices, electrically conductive transparent films, coatings, and more.