J&K Scientific Ltd.: Strategic Partner & New Distributor for China, Hong Kong, Macau

(February 1st, 2014) - American Dye Source, Inc. and J&K Scientific Ltd. have signed a new strategic cooperation agreement, which will provide our customers in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau with better customer service, faster delivery, and a better overall experience. ADS and J&K, cooperating together, will work to meet the current and future needs of customers, as we strive to improve and expand our product lines and offerings and continue to be the provider of innovative materials to China, Hong Kong, Macau, and the world.

J&K will be the exclusive distributor of ADS's OLED Materials, Fullerenes & Derivatives, and Polythiophene Derivatives for mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, as well as non-exclusive distributor for ADS's other products. You can find out more information about J&K Scientific Ltd. through this link.

Product Catalog for August 2013

(July 29, 2013) - Our newest product catalog, which features our materials for OLED, our fullerenes & derivatives, and our thiophene polymers, is now available. You can download your copy of the catalog here.


New Website for American Dye Source, Inc.

(July 29, 2013) - The new version of our website is now live. This new design should be more modern, faster, simpler to use and navigate, and be more informative. We will be adding more features and products in the coming days and weeks. If you have any comments, suggestions, and/or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.